While working on setting up FestivalFanatic.com, I realized that some of its features would be useful to conference attendees as well… and since the obvious domain name was available, I registered it.

Cut to yesterday evening: when I actually finished the work setting up ConferenceFanatic.com, I twittered about it (and mentioned that FestivalFanatic.com has Amazon DVD links now - hint, hint)… and as it happens, someone I follow (and who follows me) is presenting at the PostgreSQL East conference this weekend - she registered and told me about it using the feedback mechanism.

I also noticed that LinkedIn now has a Twitter-like mechanism, so I added a note there about my two sites.

Cut back to the present, 24 hours later: The PostgreSQL East schedule’s up, and half a dozen new people have signed up to use it. Also, I got a terrific email message from another ex-Apple-ite who’d seen the LinkedIn message, saying great things about ConferenceFanatic.com and what it can become - very encouraging.

(I also got feedback via this site’s mechanism, from someone about a startup opportunity - that was encouraging too; Derrek, I’ll be in touch.)