readme icon

In writing my bio for Portland on Fire, I mentioned that I’d hidden my first name upside down in the “Read Me” file on Macintosh during the late 1980’s: millions of people clicked on this icon to get help, and as far as I know, none of them noticed my name. The Wikipedia page for TeachText (the application I’d written which provides this icon) doesn’t mention this trivia (nor that I wrote it!).

After several years, TeachText was replaced by SimpleText, written by Tom Dowdy; Tom rightfully replaced my name with his; I’m just happy he kept the same style of icon. (I do rib Tom that TeachText was only 19K, where SimpleText was several times that in size.)

UPDATE: Sadly, I learned recently that Tom passed away. I’ll miss him: like many people I got to work with at Apple back then, he was smart and fun. I looked forward to seeing him every year at Apple’s developer conference, where we shared the distinction of being the only “Stump the Experts” experts who’d attended every session of that panel over the years.