7-day forecast I like chocolate milkshakes, in ways that the HTML “<strong>” tag can’t really convey.

So a couple of years ago, to keep myself from going all Elvis in my senectitude, I adopted a rule: I’d only have a milkshake as we reached each thermometer milestone of 10 degrees Fahrenheit: I’d have one on the first day we hit 80°, one when we hit 90°, another at 100°, and should we hit 110°, I’d still be able to celebrate.

Unfortunately, I was cheated: I was out of town for the first two 90° days, then we went straight to 100°. (And no 110°, boo hoo.)

This year, I’m not taking any chances: I’m starting at 70°. I deserve it, too: we haven’t hit 70° yet this year, and we’re almost halfway through April already. I further deserve it because Cool Moon has been open since last November, just across the park, and I’ve been able to resist.

Tomorrow, however, the forecast is for 75° - Cool Moon, I’m coming for you.